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- World Issues - Moral and Humanities - General Philosophy - Existentialism - Aestheticism - Determinism - Chaos theory - Digital physics - Fatalism - Free Will - Voluntarism
Overpopulated world and moral problem Raised questions -In food supply perspective, is plants fertilization and altered genes animal moral? -Are human become more and more greedy because the world is short of natural resources? -Can humanity sustain in such a population? -Will overpopulation cause other moral problems? -Is using vaccine to extend lifetime moral? -Overlook the situation in India, the cost of a human life are way lower than expected. It also cause many tragic like amateur female assault, short in food and water, polluted rivers, lack of respect as a human being, the quality of life is unbearable. In this week, let's rethink of the questions above. Write 1500 words about it and send it to me before next Friday.

Philosophy Now


What we covered

Digital physics

String theory

World Issues

Modern Issues in global village

Moral and Humanities

The real decision from true kindness


The purpose and meaning of oneself


Arts, people and everyday life

Chaos theory

Cause and fact


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